Our Mission

The mission of the Yeiser Art Center is to further the development and appreciation of the visual arts within our own local community and throughout the region by providing diverse and inclusive educational opportunities and activities that help to nurture and reflect the creative spirit in all of us.

Contact Us

Address: 200 Broadway, Paducah, KY 42001

phone: (270) 442-2453 | email: office@theyeiser.org

Hours of Operation

Tuesday – Saturday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

About YAC

Market-House-YeiserThe Yeiser Art Center (YAC), a non-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) status, was established in 1957 as the Paducah Art Guild for the purpose of promoting the appreciation of the visual arts and for their creation. It started as a small volunteer organization with founding members Mary Yeiser, Ginny Black and Bob Evans leading the way. Today, YAC has a permanent exhibition space that hosts seven shows annually and a permanent collection of over 300 works. The center offers visual art based programming including educational classes for both children and adults, public gallery talks and artist lectures. We have grown to employ a full-time executive director as well as a full time administrative assistant. YAC also has a supporting membership program as well as many loyal and terrific volunteers.
As a strong voice for the visual arts in our community, YAC continues to promote the visual arts by presenting dynamic exhibitions and programs. The exhibitions are chosen to showcase a diverse range of art forms, styles and techniques with work ranging from traditional to contemporary. The center provides the regional community the opportunity to view original artworks, provides a forum for artists and serves as an educational resource for schools, colleges and community organizations. Through our exhibitions and programs, YAC also provides art experiences for children while advocating the importance of a good visual arts education in our local schools. We work to help interpret the visual arts to the region by promoting established and emerging, regional and national artists.
YAC strives to be a good community partner.  We foster collaborative projects where possible, seeking to secure funds and contribute time and expertise to support other community arts projects. The center serves as a cultural attraction in Paducah’s historic downtown district, which adds to the city’s overall strength and competitiveness as a tourist destination. YAC strives to carry out our original mission and to further continue the development and appreciation of the visual arts by operating as a non-profit visual arts organization that serves adults and children of all ages throughout the region without regard to race, color, religion, ethnic origin, sex or disability.
Paducah Art Guild

Paducah Art Guild

Old Market House

Old Market House

Mary Yeiser Painting

Mary Yeiser Painting

Statement of Purpose

  • Will operate as a non-profit visual arts organization that serves adults and children of all ages throughout the region (Western Kentucky, Southern Illinois, and Southeast Missouri) without regard to race, color, religion, ethnic origin, sex or disability.
  • Will promote and present the visual arts through exhibitions, programs and workshops.
  • Will strive to promote and initiate art programs and experiences for children while advocating the importance of a strong visual arts education in our schools.
  • Will help interpret the visual arts to the regional community.
  • Will promote both established and emerging artists, as well as regional and national artists through exhibits and presentations.
  • Will maintain a Permanent Collection of art for exhibitions and educational purposes for use by the Center and other groups, individuals, and venues.
  • Will promote our mission by being a good community partner, and by working to secure funds and contributing time and expertise to support the visual arts in our community.
  • Will serve as a cultural attraction and asset to the community by working with local, regional and state agencies as needed.

Staff and Board of Directors

Stacey Reason

Stacey Reason

Executive Director – sreason@theyeiser.org

Not pictured: Administrative Assistant- Matt Johnston. Operations Assistant- Paula Tubbs

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors assumes legal and philosophical responsibility for the Yeiser Art Center and its activities. The Board of Directors is solely responsible for establishing policy, approving the annual program budget and determining the goals and direction of the Center.  The Yeiser Board of Directors is both a policy-making board and an administrative board. The Board’s role includes: advancing the mission of the art center, planning for its future, managing, developing and allocating resources to sustain the Yeiser’s financial viability and making sure that all staff and volunteers understand their roles and responsibilities. The Board also makes sure that the collection is effectively managed and conserved and sees that the Center’s public programs effectively use ideas, concepts and objects to provide opportunities for learning and enjoyment. The Board has ultimate responsibility and accountability for the Yeiser Art Center.  Although it may delegate daily management, even long-range planning, to the Executive Director, other staff members and Committees, it must be involved in the development and review of program plans, budgeting, the evaluation of personnel and the monitoring of its programs.

2016 - 2017 Board Members
  • Jonas Neihoff – Chair/President
  • Stefanie Graves – Vice Chair
  • Greg Yates – Treasurer
  • Kerri Bonner – Secretary
  • Paul Aho
  • Carol Bell
  • Anna Berlekamp
  • Bruce Brockenborough
  • Karen Hammond
  • Kijsa Housman
  • Cindy Ragland
  • Lorraine Schramke
  • Todd Birdsong
  • Emerson Goodwin